We love baths – there’s nothing better at the end of a long day than kicking back in a hot tub that is fragrant and colorful thanks to a bath bomb. Whether you like to listen to soothing music, read, or simply close your eyes and relax, a bath really isn’t complete without a bath bomb. But what makes bath bombs (ours, specifically) so great? Here are 5 benefits of bath bombs, and why they make great gifts for a loved one, or yourself!   

  • Bath Bombs are Great for Your Skin

Our bath bombs contain a ton of natural oils that are great for your skin, no matter your skin type. These oils leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, clean and moisturized. These oils even have healing properties and will help repair broken skin.

  • Natural and Vegan

All our products rely on all-natural ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage your skin. Best of all, our products are completely vegan – they are never tested on animals, so they are ideal for anyone in your life and your vegan friends will appreciate the extra thought you put into their gift.

  • They Help Create a Ritual

No, this isn’t about spells; this is about creating a mood for your personal relaxation time. You may notice, for example, that when you light a certain scented candle every evening or put soothing music on before you fall asleep each night, that after a few days the smell or the sound starts to trigger a feeling of relaxation for you. Bath bombs can do this for you too.

  • They Smell Amazing

All our bath bombs are scented and will fill the room with an incredible fragrance, so all you need to do is choose one you love. (Here’s a few suggestions: Love Spell [link: https://www.savonbathtreats.com/product/love-spell/], Beautiful & Badass [link: https://www.savonbathtreats.com/product/beautiful-badass-bath-bomb/], and Blue Raspberry Slushy [link: https://www.savonbathtreats.com/product/blue-raspberry-slushy-bath-bomb/]!)

  • They Give You (or Your Loved One) an Excuse to Relax

How many times a week do you give yourself permission to take a break and relax? When you sit down in the evening, do you feel like you should be doing something else? A bath bomb, whether you buy it or are gifted it, gives you an excuse to spend at least half an hour alone relaxing in the tub. For busy parents and professionals, this can be just the excuse they deserve!

Our bath bombs are all handmade right here in Kingman, Arizona, so you can be sure every bomb has been formulated and made with love and care. If you’re local, come and visit us in store! If not, we can ship your bath bombs to you (and it’s free over $50)!