Handmade Bath Bombs

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Dropping one in your bathtub with you, your partner, or the kids gives a fizzy, fresh smelling and fun kick to your dull bath routine. You’ll have to lock the door to keep them all from jumping in…or not! Instead of wrestling the kids into the tub, you’ll be following the trail of clothes and giggles to the great smelling angels you remember. When its over you’ll have little if anything to clean up, a bathroom that smells like a palace and a new outlook on life to take into battle with you.

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Perfect Man, Love Spell, Monkey Farts, Pink Sugar, Sleepy Time, Blood Orange, Lavender Mint, Black Amber, Narwhal, David Bowie, Easter Bunny, Red Red Wine, Bluesberry, Sugar Rose, Nirvana, Bougie, Razz Slushee, Mermaids Kiss, Sinus Soother, Rose Gold, Nag Champa, Tobacco Flower, Lake Water