Whipped Soap Scrub

Sulfate free
Non-staining cosmetic safe colorants
Phthalates free fragrance
No chemical preservatives
Not tested on animals (only team members)
Small batch, artisan made in store
Moisturizing, never greasy!



Product Details

This is a pre-gaming to a good shave… Our Whipped Sugar Scrub is a game changer for your daily shower routine as it’s an amazing exfoliate and a yummy body wash all in one… but did you know it’s also the most bad ass shaving cream! Exfoliating before you shave helps that razor get an closer even glide on your skin. You’ll get less irritation and even will notice your legs will be softer and the little prickly jerks stay down a bit longer! Get your scrub on… you’ll thank me later 🤩 This was one of our winter scents I’m in love with using. Pine Peppermint and Pineapple.
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Tobacco Flower, Coffee, Lick Me All Over, Cactus Blossom, Rose Gold, Blood Orange, Buck Naked, Coconut Sunset, Sweet Cheeks, Nag Champa, Sleepytime, Perfect Man, LoveSpell, Mermaids Kiss, Mermaids & Salt Water